How to Apply

Grant Logistics / Golf Facility Criteria:

  • Facility must be an ‘active’ Future Links, driven by Acura site to receive the grant
  • Facilities must be a ‘registered’ Future Links, driven by Acura site to apply for the grant 
  • Hosting School must be a registered  Future Links Golf in Schools site
  • Each facility receiving a grant must supply a report on the Field Trip they hosted that includes: 
  1. An itemized list of expenses.
  2. Brief highlights of the activities that the group participated in for use on the Future Links, driven by Acura Website and/or other National Publications.
  3. Any money not spent and accounted for must be returned to Golf Canada to be put towards future Grants.

Selection of Sites:

Only those applications that meet the above conditions and are approved by Golf Canada will receive grants.

New this year, an application deadline will be enacted: applications must be received by April 17th. All applications will be reviewed at that time and applicants will be notified by April 24h as to how many grants they will be awarded. Facilities can apply for as many grants as they feel necessary. Grants will be awarded based on demand and applicants will be placed on a waiting list depending on availability. They will be subsequently notified if/when a grant becomes available.

It will be communicated that all in school visits are to be completed by June 15th. Historically, most in school visits have happened prior to summer vacation, with very few happening in the fall months. Applicants are to notify Golf Canada prior to this date if they will not be using their grant or if their visit is in fact taking place in September/October. If Golf Canada does not hear from the applicant and the June date passes, the grant will be forfeited and given to someone on the waiting list. A waiting list will be set up for any facilities who are interested in a grant but who did not apply in time to receive one; they will be contacted in numerical order if grants become available.

The facility applications must provide:

  • The proposed Future Links Golf in Schools site they will target (a link of is provided to find schools in your area)
  • A brief paragraph (250 words) describing how the facility plans to use the grant and why it is a worthy recipient
  • List of budget expenses (Pro fees, travel expenses, facility expenses, prizing, etc…)

Recipients will be advised by email within 2 weeks of their application status. Golf Canada will confirm the initial interest of the school in proceeding with a field trip and provide the schools primary contact person to follow up with upon grant approval. 100% of the grant amount will be mailed upon receipt of the post Field Trip Report.