Seven Core Modules

Each stage of the Future Links, driven by Acura Learn to Play Program has seven different modules that the PGA professional, coach or instructor can utilize to enhance the participant’s learning experience.  The diagram below illustrates the seven core modules that apply to each stage of the program.


Defining the Seven Core Modules

  1. Skill Development
    All of the technical golf skills that will be developed over time: putting, full swing, chipping, greenside sand play, fairway bunker play and pitching.
  2. Fitness & Health
    Sports physiology elements that will be developed over time: Fundamental movement skills (agility, co-ordination, running, throwing, jumping, hitting a ball), golf physical skills (balance, flexibility, posture, core strength and stability, whole body strength and power, cardiovascular fitness) and performance skills (nutrition, lifestyle, environmental factors such as heat and cold).
  3. Golf 101
    Other cognitive elements of golf that play a role in the development of the “whole” player: safety, etiquette and rules, the course, equipment, golf terms, facts, Canadian golf heroes.
  4. Playing & Competition
    Elements that prepare developing golfers for competition and overall play.
  5. Mind Matters
    Mental management elements that will be developed over time: relaxation, breathing, stress and tension control, technical cues, goal setting.
  6. Life Skills
    Ethical elements that uphold the tradition and history of golf: respect, honesty, integrity, sportspersonship, responsibility and perseverance.
  7. Parenting
    Educational topics for parents pertaining to children in sports: introduction to children in sports, sport participation, how children grow and develop, the mind of a child, sports injuries in young children, the role of parents and instructors in sport. Each level provides suggested material that parents should be exposed to.



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