Why get involved?

Golf is an all-around development exercise for your child.


Golf is a sport that develops important motor and coordination skills from an early age. It requires and develops balance, coordination, power and flexibility. 

These skills all benefit your child's long-term health and performance in all sports.


Golf is a technically and mentally demanding sport. Improving in golf requires developing concentration and dedication to overcoming the challenges encountered when playing the game. As an individual sport, golf requires and develops confidence and the ability to cope with and perform under pressure. One has to be able to bounce back from disappointments and cope with both success and failure.

Research has shown that children who develop these skills through sport can transfer them into other areas of their lives.


Golf clubs are safe, well-managed, well-maintained and will provide your child with a place they can go to be independent, meet friends and play sport.

Golf teaches honesty, etiquette and respect for tradition; it is truly is a sport you can play for life. Unlike more physically rigorous sports, golf is played at all ages. Many sportsmen and women involved in other sports experience a health backlash when they are forced to give up their chosen sport in their late 20s or early 30s. 

Golf is a great way to establish a social network – a lifelong benefit of the game, particularly when moving for university, a new job, etc.

Is it worth it?

Parents of golf players often question whether the time and resources that they commit to their child's golf are worth it. If the championship title is the only reason you want your child to play, it is almost certainly not worth it. It is important to be clear about the factors that convinced you that golf would be a good activity for your child – upon examination, you will likely decide that it is absolutely worth it.

The following quote sums golf up perfectly:

Look beyond the cost: what is its value?

"If I told you that there was an education program available which has at its heart messages of healthy living and provides opportunities to develop a healthy attitude towards oneself, opportunities to achieve and accomplish things, the potential to improve skills of communication and developing relationships, and has as its backbone concentration, persistence, discipline and endeavor, I wonder what value you would attach to it?"

How can my child get involved in golf?
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How will my child progress?

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