Site Grant Funding Criteria & Conditions

Site Grants may be requested for:

  • Site leader’s equipment relevant to the sites activities (golf balls, golf tees, golf professional fees, facility use, golf club rental).
  • Administration (photocopying of promotional material)
  • Items not eligible to be funded:
    • Travel expenses, craft supplies, food, fuel and other consumables, uniforms, insignia, resources, people participant fees and personal equipment are not eligible for this grant.


  • Sites must be registered as an official site with Golf Canada with a minimum of 10 girls.
  • The maximum grant is set at $500.
  • Grant cheques will be payable to the site leader.
  • Site locations may receive grant funding for one year only. It is expected that the site location will become self sufficient in terms of funding through the collection of user fees from its participants or through local sponsorship or partnership opportunities. The grant funding is intended to help “new” site locations get up step-up and establish themselves.

To submit your Girls Club Grant application form please - Click Here

Only those applications that meet the criteria and are approved by Golf Canada’s Chief Sport Development Officer will receive grants. Grants will be assessed on how they will impact membership either through new members or retaining members. Applications must provide:

  1. A brief paragraph (250 words) describing how the site plans to use the grant ad why it is a worthy recipient.
  2. A copy of the site’s proposed budget that lists all expenses and revenue sources for the months they will be active.
  3. A list of proposed activities that the grant will help to facilitate. Recipients will be advised by email, fax or mail within 2 weeks of the application.
  4. Cheques for 100% of the grant amount will be mailed upon approval of the grant and receipt of your year-end report.

To apply for the funding grant you must register your Girls' Club site: click here to register.