The importance of competition

The exhilarating feeling of a chip-in, or a long putt on the last hole of a fun game, resulting in a personal best score, can excite a junior player into exploring the game of competitive golf.

Competition can provide a healthy sport outlet for your child. Local club or district junior events are a good starting point. Once your child has experienced competition, she could become motivated to develop her skills further. The road to competition is a very effective way to develop these needed skills under the watchful eye of an accredited coach or golf professional.

There are many possible opportunities available for a competitive junior golfer: club, district, provincial and national teams; accredited coaching and instructional camps; and travel. A serious, talented competitive junior golfer may have scholarship opportunities which will allow him to continue competing at the university level.

Competition provides healthy challenges to a junior golfer and allows for personal growth and skill development, not only in the sport of golf, but in life itself.

As a parent or guardian, explore your child’s expectations, goals and aspirations. Be educated about golf and how one can progress through the sport into different levels. Always be supportive and encouraging, irrespective of the outcome.

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