Coaching and training packages

The right package

Establishing the best possible training and coaching is vital to ensure steady progress.

Good coaching is vital because it:

  • Ensures the player has solid swing fundamentals
  • Establishes a proper training environment
  • Provides advice regarding training programs and competitive schedules
  • Provides advice on how to play the game (strategies, mapping the course etc.)
  • Provides a link between the player, family, and the competitive environment

A good training schedule is vital because it:

  • Makes sure the player gets the appropriate amount and type of practice time, physical training and competition
  • Allows the player enough rest and recovery time
  • Enables the player to balance school, social and training time
  • Keeps the player interested and motivated
  • Promotes and encourages discipline

A good training performance center is vital because it:

  • Provides the necessary practice facilities and golf courses needed for skill development
  • Provides access to top players, who can serve as role models for training and further development
  • Provides a comfortable learning environment that develops good people as well as good players

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