The Six Core Modules

For each of the six core modules of the Learn to Play Program, specific skills or topics to cover are presented, to enhance the participant’s understanding of golf. 

For consistency, each of the skills or topics are displayed in a table covering the objectives of the elements to be reached by the participants.

Topic or Skill


Within each core module of the Learn to Play program, the topics and skills help define the level of understanding and competency required by a player to progress through to the next stage.



Identifies the high-level objectives at a specific stage of the program. this is intended to give the PGA of Canada professional, coach or instructor a sense of what he/she is trying to accomplish when introducing the various topics to the participants. It outlines the specific skill/performance objective that must be met by the participant in order to progress to the next stage. Some objectives are purely participation based in nature.

Each stage of the Future Links, driven by Honda Learn to Play Program has six different core modules that the PGA of Canada professional, coach or instructor can utilize to enhance the participant’s learning experience.  The diagram below illustrates the six core modules that apply to each stage of the program.

The Six Core Modules

  1. Movement Skills
    Sport related movement skills that will be developed over time: fundamental movement skills, golf specific movement skills and performance skills.
  2. Golf 101
    Other cognitive elements of golf that play a role in the development of the "whole" player: safety, etiquette and rules and golf terms. 
  3. Skill Development
    All the technical golf skills that will be developed over time: full swing, chipping, putting, greenside bunkers, fairway bunkers and pitching. 
  4. On Course Play
    Elements that prepare developing golfers for on course play and competition.
  5. Mind Matters
    Mental management elements that will be developed over time: imagery, performance preparation, self talk, performance cues and focus, and evaluating play. 
  6. Life Skills
    Ethical elements that uphold the tradition and history of golf: respect, honesty, teamwork, sportspersonship, perseverance, goal setting, emotional regulation and focus.

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