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The Future Links, driven by Honda Learn to Play program is:

  • A joint program of the PGA of Canada and Golf Canada developed to align the Future Links, driven by Honda curriculum with the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Guide.
  • A resource guide to assist teaching professionals in steering young golfers down a development pathway that aligns with LTPD and supports scientifically agreed upon principles for growth and development as it relates to golf.
  • A four stage player progression framework that includes specific benchmarks at each stage that relate to LTPD and focuses on beyond just technical golf skills.

The diagram below illustrates how the Future Links, driven by Honda Learn to Play program aligns with both the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) guide for golf and the new PGA of Canada certification program:

How does the Future Links, driven by Honda Learn to Play Program work?

The Future Links, driven by Honda Learn to Play program is a framework to develop junior players through four colour stages that align with the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Guide for golf. This program is designed to introduce players to age / stage appropriate content through an identified set of core modules that are applicable to each stage of the program. Within each core module is a series of recommended program requirements and areas for the participants to cover as they pass through each stage of the program.

In order to progress through each stage  of the program, the participants will need to demonstrate that they have reached certain benchmarks that have been established. Participation is the focus of the benchmarks in the earlier stages of the program (e.g. stages White and Orange). As golfers progress through to the more advanced levels of the program (e.g. stages Blue and Black), the benchmarks become more qualitative and quantitative in nature. Each stage of the program can be delivered in eight to twelve sessions of sixty minutes in length. Stage 1 the White stage, stage 2 is Orange, stage 3 is Blue and 4 is Black. Following completion of each stage, participants will receive an official Puma Hat that corresponds with the stage color completed. 

Please note: Hats are subject to availability (5 200 for 2019). There will be a maximum of one hat per participant. Once the supply of hats has run out, Golf Canada will continue to send each graduate of a Learn to Play stage a copy of their report card and a letter of congratulations. We will notify all Future Links, driven by Honda instructors once the supply has been reached.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact us at futurelinks@golfcanada.ca

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Seven Core Modules

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