Types of events to focus on

Find out which level of golf your child is interested in competing in. This goal should be realistic. An experienced coach should be able to help you decide. Depending on age and the stage of your child, ask yourself (and your child) whether he/she should play:

  • Junior or AMATEUR events or a mix of the two?
  • Within your age group or in the age group above, or a mix of the two?
  • Tournaments in your own country or abroad?
  • Length of tournament – 36 holes, 54 holes, etc.

A developing player should play a mixture of events as outlined in the Competition Events and Number of Holes table above.

How many weeks of tournaments?

The number of weeks you decide to play will depend on your focus at the time. Is your goal to be the top-ranked junior, or to be in the top 10 in your province? Your goal will probably determine your schedule. For example, if your goal is to break into the top 100 of the Golf Canada National Junior Order of Merit, you will need to play, at a minimum:

  • One (1) provincial junior Championship
  • One (1) Future Links, driven by Honda Championship
  • One (1) Golf Canada National Championship
  • One (1) Other event on the Golf Canada National Junior Order of Merit

International events that might be considered:
Ages 12 and under:

  • US Kids Championships
  • Callaway Junior Championships

Ages 18 and under:

  • Canadian Junior Golf Association
  • American Junior Golf Association
  • Callaway Junior Championships
  • International Junior Golf Federation
  • Various foreign country invitational tournaments

The importance of competition
Where to start competing
Common problems with rankings
How much should my child compete?
How do I know which are the best events to enter?

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