Order of Merit

The Future Links, driven by Acura Junior Orders of Merit are used to identify and give recognition to top performing junior golfers across Canada who have achieved success in the golf season. Players under the age of 19 as of August 1st, 2016, are eligible.

The Junior Orders of Merit are based on those tournaments that represent an extremely high standard of competition. A point system is used based on the scores and results of the players in Approved Tournaments in order to rank each performance.

The objective of the Junior Orders of Merit is to provide a national comparison/ranking system for Canada's top junior players which will enable players to compare themselves to their counter parts across the country.

How Points Are Awarded

The order of merit uses a point system that awards points based on order of finish sometimes up to 50th position depending on the tournament. If two or more players tie, except for the winner of the tournament, they all earn a prorated number of points based on their combined average score. Tournament points are weighted based on the size and strength of the field so that players who do well in larger events, such as the Canadian Junior Boys Championship and some provincial championships, are rewarded with higher points.

There are some limitations on the number of events that players may earn points in order to ensure an equitable and fair method of calculating the overall standings.

How do I get recognized on the list?

It’s easy. Points are calculated automatically for all events on the Approved Tournament listings for girls and boys. The orders of merit are updated periodically throughout the playing season (April through September) and if you have earned points, you will be able to see where you stand in the rankings.

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