Progress Rewards

As participants progress through the various levels of the Learn to Play program, they will receive a "Progress Reward" for each stage that is achieved. Every participant will receive a Puma hat with the corresponding colour of the stage that was just completed. Stage 1 is white, 2 is orange, 3 is blue, and the final 4th stage is black. The Learn to Play Puma hats are shown below shown below:

Stage White (0-6 years old)                       Stage Orange (6-9 years old)


Stage Blue (8-10 years old)                        Stage Black (9-12 years old)


The progress rewards will also include a congratulatory letter from Future Links, driven by Honda. All progress rewards will be mailed directly to your golf instructor by Golf Canada.

In order for a participant to receive their progress reward, the following steps are required:

  1. The instructor MUST enter the participant into the Future Links membership database by adding them to a Learn to Play program.
  2. The participant MUST complete their Future Links membership profile. Once the instructor has added the participant to their Learn to Play program database, the participant will receive an email prompting them to create a login and password and to complete their membership profile.
  3. The instructor MUST fill in and submit the participant's Learn to Play online progress report for the Level graded.

Please note: Hats are subject to availability. There will be a maximum of one hat per participant. Once the supply has run out, Golf Canada will continue to send each graduate of a Learn to Play stage a copy of their report card and a letter of congratulations. We will notify all instructors once the supply of hats has been reached.