Get Linked Initiative

“Developing a Link Between the Future Links Golf in Schools Program and Local Golf Facilities

The Objective and Vision

The Future Links Golf in Schools (GIS) program has been introduced to nearly 2,400 elementary schools since its inception in 2009, and over 200 high schools since 2012. The program continues to grow, with more and more new young Canadians being introduced to the sport in their physical education classes each school year.

Future Links, Canada’s junior golf initiative, offers a suite of programs to provide parents and their children with different options to pursue in terms of golf programming at green grass facilities.  Since 1996, Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada have delivered this program to over one million juniors across this great country of ours.  

The natural next step to growing youth participation in the game of golf in Canada is to connect kids introduced to the game through the in-school program with 'green grass facilities’ engaged in delivering best in class junior golf programs to further introduce the sport and assist in developing a passion for golf.

What is "Get Linked"?

Through the development of the ‘Get Linked’ initiatives, Golf Canada is strengthening the link between schools running the Future Links Golf in Schools program and facilities engaged in delivering Future Links, driven by Acura programs. Under the ‘Get Linked’ umbrella, there are two initial concepts (we will continue to look at additional initiatives) that will assist in bringing us closer to this vision.  More information on two of the initiatives can be found below.

1. Golf in Schools –  IN-SCHOOL VISIT
2. Future Links Field Trip Program